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"It was one of the most electric performances from a Utah band that I'd ever seen: a truly feral frontman, big guitar solos, infectious hooks that channeled Thin Lizzy-esque classic rock, glam rock and early 2000s New York rock in equal measure"

Slug Magazine - Album Review:


"Quiet Oaks refuse to end the album quietly. In contrast, they wrap up Pretty Alright with “Guns,” the most dynamic track on the record. The piano, combined with an intoxicating bass line, plays like a spitfire stoking Sandberg’s flame. And just like that, Quiet Oaks explode with their debut LP. Time was good to Quiet Oaks—the wait has proven to be worth it. They have created an LP that focuses on their strengths, curating something that many bands don’t get right on their first full-length go-around."

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"Mature but youthful, confident and heavy on two levels, Pretty Alright finds the band achieving their intended end: shedding but not rejecting their old identity, and existing comfortably in their new one."


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City Weekly - Best of 2016



'They've gigged prolifically ever since, adding to their already considerable fan base. The hard-hitting, whiskey spilling sound of Quiet Oaks is carried by front man, Dane Sandberg, who fills the stage with his relentless energy and wide vocal range. The nascent musical stylings of the group continue to evolve, but are always rooted in "just rock," as they put it. Quiet Oaks' five-song EP, Put Your Dreams Where They Belong captures the group's simple yet gripping songwriting and gives listeners just a taste of the band's energetic live show.'


SLUG MAG - EP Review



You can almost hear the quintet that makes up Quiet Oaks smiling on their debut EP, Put Your Dreams Where They Belong. The Salt Lake City natives are extremely passionate about their music and this is demonstrated by their enthusiastic live shows and dedicated following. The key was to capture that raw feeling on the album and that is certainly apparent on songs like “Guns” and the title track “Put Your Dreams Where They Belong.” The relaxed, fun and creative side of Quiet Oaks is also present here on “Paint The Forest,” making straightforward rock sound wonderfully carefree. The album has the presence of your favorite classic rock band while still finding enough of its own footing to not step on any old school toes. I whistled throughout the album, which gives you a good understanding of the tunes therein. It’s fun, but also bluesy. It’s soft but you can still jump around to it. It’s just an excellent rock album’